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Ace Sportsbook is the best pay per head sportsbook portal on the internet.  Our talented staff are ready and willing to fulfill your every need and give you the service you deserve – what is more, they are actually sports fans!

The Holy Grail of Pay Per Heads

Best Sportsbook Software

Finding quality pay per head sportsbook services these days seems like an impossible quest. Judging by the advertising of most of these places, they are all the one stop solution to every bookmaker’s problems, but, advertising can be deceptive and the cost is very high for bookies.

Quest for the Mythical Sports Betting Solution

While there is no magical solution in the sportsbook betting industry, there is one service which has made large strides in innovating and improving the quality of service, I am speaking of www.AcePerHead.com.

Ace Per Head services, on the surface will seem similar to all of those provided by its competitors, the difference however, is that they deliver what they advertise. They do not offer false claims, nor do they embellish their offerings, what they do instead is every year strive to better themselves as a company, how they do this, is by listening to their valued clients.

Ahead is an in-depth look at their services.

PPH Sportsbook Platform

Betting Platform

Ace Per Head offers one of the most comprehensive sportsbook betting platforms available.  The robust betting interface is compatible with any devise, mobile or otherwise and it is available 24/7.

The intuitive system can be accessed either from Apple or Android handheld devises, the server response times is consistently even during peak betting times. Your players will not experience any delays or disconnects while placing their wagers. You will however, be able to add an intentional delay to specific players if you choose.

The entire betting offering is available through the online betting platform, whether your players are searching for half time and quarter lines on a game, props, alternative lines, futures and matchups, it is all accessible online.

Contact Center

While having an online sportsbook betting platform is a must, there will be times when your players will feel the need to call in their wagers or seek assistance, for this www.AcePerHead.com has set up a state of the art contact center, with high quality voice over IP phone and noise cancelling headphones so your players do not have to withstand background noise.

The staff that works at the contact center have a superb command of the English language, with no bothersome accents that make communication difficult. The rigorous training they receive, empowers them to be able to solve most issues during the first contact, and because great customer service is one of the cornerstones of ACE PER HEAD, every client is treated with respect and kindness.

Agents also benefit from the top of the line contact center, as a toll-free number has been set up just for them. The helpful and knowledgeable account managers will set up your package within 24 hours with no hassle to you.

Branded Websites

If you already have a brand established for your business, or are looking to do so, the expert graphic designers at AcePerHead.com can create a custom website for you. Your input will be considered every step of the way in regard to style, color scheme and content.

Even the backend of the betting interface can be customized to reflect the colors of your brand, so your clients will never suspect you are using a pay per head sportsbook service. A dedicated phone number can also be set up for your players to call in on providing them with a more personalized service.

Security and Technology

For some agents, this is what seals the deal, nobody wants to worry about up times and service reliability not to mention hacker threats and compromised data.

In this respect, AcePerHead.com is head and shoulders above the competition, every part of their network has been looked at, analyzed and optimized to ensure 99.9% service uptime.

Ace employs experienced engineers to look after their data centers, servers, internet connections, phones, websites and every other detail of their network. Routine maintenance is performed on servers as well as computers in the call center. Great care has been taken to mitigate security vulnerabilities including the addition of the best DDOS Attack prevention technology.

The servers that are housed in the various data centers, are designed to handle up to 5x more work load than what is currently handled during the peak times, in addition every piece of equipment in the data center has complete redundancy providing the same kind of infrastructure large companies like Google and Microsoft use.

AcePerHead.com has 4 different physical locations and 9 different internet providers, this was done to guarantee connectivity. The offices have their own emergency power plants and there are 2 separate data centers and call centers located in distinct geographical areas hooked up to 2 different power grids, in the event of a major power outage in one location the other call center will automatically take over.

Routine client data backups are performed constantly to safeguard the integrity of the information in the unlikely event of a catastrophic system failure. Added to the highly redundant private cloud infrastructure, there is also hardware backups to replace any failing equipment or even to build an entirely working system from scratch if the need ever arises.

Line Management

Possibly the most important aspect of any bookmaking business is line management, having the right people managing your sportsbook betting odds will make the difference between raging success, doing Ok and going bankrupt.

At AcePerHead.com only the most experienced line managers become part of the staff. Those who understand the business know when to move and when to hold a line, when to offer a sharp line and when to put up a loose line. And this knowledge is what ultimately has the most impact in the bottom line for the agents.

Another skill required is the ability to recognize betting patterns, to predict the best players next move and be one step ahead of the pack. Every line manager that is part of the Ace Per Head service has these skills and puts them to use every single day.


Unlike most pay per head shops who only offer person to person money transfers, AcePerHead.com has a large selection of payment methods to make life easier for agents. From Bitcoin to gift cards paying for your service has never been easier.

To find out more about all the Ace Per Head services, contact an account manager today!

Live In-Game Wagering

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