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Horse racing has always been one of the most profitable products for offshore books, but in recent years it popularity has increasingly declined.

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Having been in the business as long as I have, I’ve developed a theory as to why this is, back in the day you had to call in your racing wagers; a clerk would take you wager, give you your at-risk amount and finally a time stamp on the ticket, payout odds were normally not provided as the odds were dependent on the final track odds. With the creation of horse racing software platforms, you can now bet online and dispense of having to deal with a very fast talking clerk, which personally I think was part of the fun.

Don’t Let the Ponies Run Away

The problem with horse betting software is that most of them are unreliable and crash on a constant basis. Pay per head horse racing software requires a direct internet connection with a data provider who in turn has a direct connection to the track who provides the latest odds and post times. This means there are several ways things can go wrong, but the most common problem pay per head books face is internal, if their server times are off, or if their internet connection is not reliable and stalls often then the connection to the data provider is lost, which means the system will need to be rebooted, causing past post wagers, grading delays and other problems.

All of this can be avoided by choosing to work with, not only do they use the best software provider who in turn is connected to the best data provider, their internet infrastructure is as solid as you can imagine. They have complete redundancy, back up internet connections, servers who are designed to handle 5x more volume than they currently handle, full security systems etc. The reason you should care about all of this is because in a nut shell it means that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice in a row than their system going down.

With the right pay per head horse racing software, you can confidently go out and actively seek horse racing players, something most bookies stopped doing years ago, because of all the aforementioned problems, the market is wide open and full of potential, race tracks report substantial gains on a consistent basis, big races liked those of the Triple Crown generate millions not just from wager profits but from sponsors and TV Networks who fight over the rights to air the event.

The market is there and it is a profitable one, the average hold in sports for sportsbooks is about 5-7%, the average horse racing hold is anywhere between 11 and 15%. With’s racing platform you can set your max track payouts, you can add or exclude tracks as you feel fit, the software supports all major tracks in the US and the biggest international races, you can set wager limits for your entire package or by player, the interface is extremely flexible allowing you to set it up in a way that will maximize profits.

So, don’t let the ponies run away from you, instead hop on and let it ride!

Ace Per Head has been in the horse racing pay per head business for decades. While many books are retiring their racebook, we believe the classic “Sport of kings” is an important option for your customers. We offers many of the most popular types of wagers, allowing you to get the best seat at the track: your own couch!

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