The gambling industry is as cutthroat as you can get, for years, only the most devious characters seemed to succeed in this business. While some of those characters are still around, the industry as a whole is shifting towards a more transparent and professional way of conducting business.

Ace Per Head Service Review

Ace Per Head Review

The One Brand Who Is Making a Killing in Internet Gambling

And How They Are Doing It is a clear example of this, but, don’t be fooled, the people running this operation are seasoned bookmakers who understand every nuance of gambling. The main difference is, they use their deviousness to outsmart the competition, not you!

Ahead you will find a detailed Ace Per Head review, this review is different from what you would normally find on the internet, and the reason is, I am not an affiliate trying to generate traffic, I am a long-time customer of and I am not being paid to write this.

So why am I doing this? Simple, over the years I’ve come to understand that this shop is one of the few that reinvests in their company with the sole purpose of providing added benefits to their customers, in other words, the better they do, the more benefits I receive in terms of service. Unlike most other places that just pocket all the profits for themselves.

A little History on the Brand

The origins of date back to 1998, at the time, pay per head services were largely unknown, and those who offered them were running their own sportsbooks and simply added the packages to their list of players. This meant that there were no individualized lines for pay per head customers, you got the line the sportsbook was dealing whether it worked for you or not, period.

The masterminds of Ace Per Head realized the potential that this new business model presented a lot sooner than the competition; this led to them searching for technological advances that would allow them to customize their services, once they found them they created a new brand specifically for pay per head agents.

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What Makes Them Different

I’ve worked with a lot of shops over the years, some were ok, others were good enough but others were simply terrible. These days, the services offered by pay per heads seem to be the same, but the quality of the service is what makes the difference.

  1. Lines: I list this first because it is the cornerstone of the business, if your lines are not competitive you do not have a business. Now, there is a difference between a competitive line and a customized line for your set of players. Ace Per Head has the flexibility to create customized lines for your business, you can safely offer reduced juice, enhanced parlay and teaser payouts and other perks knowing these will be applied only to a list of selected customers. In an age where customer satisfaction is a priority being able to accommodate your players’ wishes is a must.
  2. Markets: The industry almost bears no resemblance to what it was 20 years ago, you can no longer offer the basics and expect to recruit and retain new customers. There is simply no such thing as just 4 major sports anymore, these days you need to offer odds in tennis, boxing, MMA, motorized sports and especially soccer, and the more soccer markets you offer the better off you will be, let’s face whether you agree or not, soccer is becoming a very popular sport in the US. I for one welcome this, as there is always a soccer match being played somewhere in the world year-round.
  3. Live Betting: I know what you are thinking, my pay per head shop gives me this already, but, do they really? Live betting has become one of the best moneymakers in this industry, so why settle for just a few games a month when you can offer live betting on thousands of matches every month across a myriad of sports markets? Think about it, with you start out with their basic live betting package and upgrade to their VIP service whenever you like.
  4. Customer Service: We’ve all been there, dealing with a customer rep who is just going through the motions, following a protocol that in most cases does not offer any real solutions to your issues, or at least not in a reasonable time frame. This, I must admit was the first shocker I experienced when I joined When I joined, I figured they are treating me like royalty because they want to get me hooked, after that, it would be the same sub-par service I was getting from everyone else. After years of working with them, I am still expecting to be proven right, so far that has not been the case. I have my own account manager with whom I have a great relationship, but, even when he is out of the office the other reps treat me with the same level of professionalism and get results for me time and again.
  5. Security, Stability & Reliability: The fact that I did not list this before, does not mean it is any less important. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the offices of, and while I am no techie I know enough to not be impressed with just anything. The server rooms are what I would imagine most engineers dream about, the entire network is equipped with double and sometimes triple redundancy, the servers have the capacity to handle up to 5x the amount of transactions per second they currently do, and their security features are amazing and include the best DDOS Attack protection available. All of this translates into your business never having to experience downtime ever!
  6. Payment Methods: One of my biggest complaints with every other PPH shop, was the fact that every month or week I had to jump through hoops to pay them, Western Union and Money Gram were my everyday nightmares. I no longer have to worry about this, AcePerHead offers me a great selection of payment methods to choose from, and payment confirmation is fast and painless.

When you combine all these features, it becomes apparent why is killing its online gambling competition. Their management staff is comprised of seasoned veterans who understand the ins and outs of the business but who embrace change and are always looking for innovative ways to improve their service, they have a visionary outlook that allows them to foresee business opportunities ahead of the competition, giving you a competitive edge.

Well there you have it, my Ace Pay Per Head review, I encourage you to sign up today and see for yourself the difference working with them makes to your bottom line.