2020 Pay Per Head Reviews

2020 Best Pay Per Head Sites
Below is a list of our top 9 pay per head websites that were already big players in the industry before the pandemic, but have now adapted by offering fresh new betting options and are making sure to continue to operate a professional and money-making product for agents.

If you are a bookie already or thinking about becoming one, then the best way to be successful at that would be to use a pay per head website. These sites provide bookies with an all-inclusive website with various sports betting options, where they manage all lines up to the second for your players to bet on.

The world is now a different place in 2020 due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, and as a result, every industry in the world has been affected in some way or another. The sports world has postponed and put on hold sporting events across the world, but there are still plenty of players hungry for action. With that being said the pay per head industry is quickly adapting to the current gambling environment with new creative betting options such as stock prices, weather predictions, simulated video games, and more.

Obviously there are numerous companies that make up the Pay Per Head or Price Per Head industry so to help bookies narrow down the options we have listed the top 9 based on price, performance, reliability, and customer service.


Best Pay Per Head

Our top choice is AcePerHead.com because they have the most complete product in the industry. They offer more betting options than the average PPH shop, and lines that are more aggressive with both the actual line and the juice, which all helps for them to offer a product with one of the highest hold percentages in the business at around 14% per week.  

They have been in business for over 25 years and have consistently been rated at the top of the industry for many years. They offer betting options on sports from all over the world and also have a virtual casino with around 100 different games and a Racebook with over 70 horse tracks.  

In addition, they have English American speaking customer service representatives that have a decade’s worth of experience and knowledge in the business that makes it very easy to communicate with them. Also, they invest heavily in technology which enables them to offer a reliable product that does not go down during busy gambling times and has a mobile betting platform that is straight forward and simple to use. 

They also have the all-important and popular live betting option. This is a must-have for any bookie, and most PPH companies do offer this, however, they not only have an in-house live betting option that comes with the price, but they also have two additional live betting options to choose from and add on for a minimal $5 extra per player a week. These two live betting options which are called Premium Live and VIP live have live for all sports and over 70 different live betting options per game.  The Premium Live also has an option to watch games live right from the site.

Mobile Friendly

They also have one of the more simple to use mobile websites which are formatted specifically to each smartphone, with easy to use one-touch clickable in order to make wagers. Their mobile site is straight to the point of having just a couple steps in order for players to select a sporting event they want to wager on and then submitting their wager.

Payment Methods

Ace Per Head has numerous payment options that are available for agents to pay player fees, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Stellar, Money Gram, Western Union, and over 20 different scratch-off gift cards such as Nike, Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot. They also accept e-gift cards from Best Buy and Home Depot which allows people to buy them without even having to leave their home. There are no fees when purchasing gift cards and they are a unique and safe method of payment for any bookie.

Covid-19 Times (Coronavirus)

In addition during these unprecedented times, they are offering all types of untraditional betting options to keep players betting and interested each day, such as bitcoin and ether price bets, stock market prices, table tennis, e-sports, weather predictions, international sports, and a brand new NBA2K20 SIM option to bet every day.  

Lastly, Ace Per Head offers their service for an affordable price of $10 per active player a week. This is not the cheapest option on the market but is not the most expensive either, and for everything, they offer the price of $10 is a good value.

Call Ace Per Head today toll-free at (800) 909-5193. Become a successful bookie in just one click.


The next best-rated PPH company is Real Bookies who offer all the standard betting options one would need to be a successful and profitable bookie, such as sports, casino, racebook, and even an option for bookies to have their own website landing page.  

Their backend for both agents and players is simple and easy to use, and they are open 24/7 and can assist you with anything you may need.  They also have many useful reports on the agent backend where bookies can get a better idea of what type of action they are receiving and how well they are doing in specific categories. 

They have also been in the business for decades and no one stays in business that long without knowing how to offer a successful product.  In addition, they have a promotion where you can get 4 free weeks which is a nice initial bonus and they have an affordable price that is $10 per active player a week.


PayPerHead is the final one on our shortlist of the top 3 companies in the pay per head industry. This is another company that has been in the business for a very long time, and with that has the experience to assist the novice bookie or the long time experienced bookie. They also are one of the biggest PPH providers in the business and they have not gotten there from doing things the wrong way.

They also start with one of the cheaper price options on the market at $3 per player. However this is an introductory offer that only lasted for a limited amount of weeks, and then the price does increase to the $10 to $12 range after. But either way that is a great value for anyone looking to give them a try.

They also are very serious about security and offer the latest technology in pay per head solutions to ensure that your data is always 100% secure on any type of device you use. Security should never be taken lightly especially in the gambling business and PayPerHead doesn’t take any short cuts in this area and as a result, have a lot of satisfied customers because of this.

So if you are looking to just begin an online bookie business or you are a current bookie but are looking for a better service, we would highly suggest starting your search with any of these three top-rated PPH companies in the industry.

The PPH List Continues…

#4 – A1PPH

A1PPH.com.  These guys have all the bells and whistle one would need to operate a successful sportsbook, with options to bet sports, casino, and horses on a secure site that allows agents to access many different reports on the site.  In addition, agents will have access to move their own lines if they so choose, and set up specific credit and wager limits by player.  

In addition, they have a great start-up promotion and have one of the cheaper prices available. They offer 4 free weeks so you can test out their software and then after that they just charge $7 per active player per account. They don’t charge you if an account is not used during a particular week, and also if you have more than 30 players, it is possible that they may even be able to go lower on the price.  They may not have as many betting options as a higher-priced service, but they are a good option for bookies just looking to start, with having a site that has fewer fees than the average site.


Our third choice is PAYPERHEAD247.com they have a straight forward no-nonsense product, that has no hidden requirements, no commissions to pay, no revenue sharing, no minimums to meet, and only charge for active accounts. Their price starts $10 per player and can go lower based on volume and how many active players you have.

They are based offshore in Costa Rica and pride themselves on only hiring the most respectful and efficient workers that have experience in the industry. Their workers are all qualified professionals and strive to develop a good relationship between the bookies and their bettors by providing maximum satisfaction to both parties.

They take care of all the heavy lifting and logistics of running a sportsbook which enables the agents to focus on attaining and retaining clients, and the agent will have full control over his book of players.  There are many different ways to set limits and run specific performance reports through their site and they can provide assistance if you are not 100% sure of something.

#6 – 247PPH

247pph is simple and easy to use a product that can help any bookie increase their profitability. They can get you signed up in minutes with an end-to-end solution after paying the initial fee to activate the account.  Once activated the bookie will have access to control all player betting limits.  This system does everything besides collecting payments from players, which is done directly thru each agent and player.

They provide a safe and secure product that agents and players can access 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, there is also a tutorial available on the dashboard that is great for first-time users to help provide a step by step guide to navigate the system.

Lastly, they are also offering various non-traditionally betting options to help fill the void left by the cancellation of various sporting events throughout the world. The product offerings are limited but at least they still have options available for anyone looking to book action or bet.

Last Price Per Head Reviews:

#7 – America’s Bookie

America’s Bookie is a well-organized page and its main focus is on sports betting but also does have a racebook and casino. They have various betting options such as straight wagers, parlays, teasers, round robins, action reverses, win reverse, and if win or tie only, and they do not just have major sporting events but also have events and betting options from around the world.

They also have the all-important Live in play betting option that is highlighted and listed in its own section that is labeled simply as “Live Betting.”  It is located at the top of the screen which makes it easy to find and use.   After selecting Live Betting you will be directed to a page that shows all the live betting options in one place, and a left hand side panel that can help you sort the live wagering options by sport.  

They have been in the business for many years and are constantly focused on offering the most up to date product on the market that not only helps agents make money from booking action, but also makes it simple to use for both agents and players.

#8 – PPH101

PPH101.com has not been around for a very long time, opening in 2016, but they have quickly gained a solid reputation for having a management team that has a lot of experience in the gambling industry.  Their management team consists of professional gamblers and bookies that have been booking action for decades.  

Another thing that makes this company unique and stands out is that they have designed and offer their customers their very own proprietary sportsbook software. In the world of pay per head, the bulk of the industry uses either DGS or ASI software, however, PPH101 has its own software that is a welcome change from the big two software providers in the industry.

They also do not have a traditional registration form on the site, which is uncommon in this industry.  Instead, you will need to call them directly in order to get information or get set up.  However, once you call you will be put at ease because they are very knowledgeable and can answer all your questions. Lastly, their price is a little bit higher starting at $15 per player, however, there are no hidden fees and with anything, quality is worth the extra couple of dollars.

#9 – BookieVault

Bookievault.com has been in the business since 2000, and its goal is to provide a great experience to both bookies and players. For starters, they take security very seriously with their 7 layer DDOS protection that ensures a reliable and secure gambling experience to all customers.

In addition, they have a lower price than most pay per head services with two different package offers, one for $7 per player and another for $9 per player. Also what you get for each package is displayed directly on the site in a straight forward method to avoid any confusion or trickery. 

They also have numerous betting options that are formatted on the site in an easy and simple way and have some features that are only available on their website. One of the most popular features on the agent backend is the odds management feature which allows you as the bookie to edit and add odds on almost everything.

They have a casino but limited games, however, they do have a live casino that is not too bad. Either way, the lower price and simple to use the website is attractive and not a bad place to get your feet wet in the PPH industry.

Final Thoughts

So even though there are many different pay per head review sites that can help you run a successful business, these nine here are a cut above the rest in terms of customer service, product offerings, reasonable prices, and lots of reports that can help you in your sportsbook business. Feel free to check for yourself by contacting any or all of these sites and see for yourself which one you prefer.  

Each of these pay per head reviews shows how companies have shinned in various ways, and even throughout the current pandemic, are still striving to offer agents and their players the most complete and comprehensive gambling product in the market. So call these top Pay Per Head Sites today and see for yourself that they are the best in the current market.

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