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Setting the Odds

The core business of a sports betting outfit is to receive bets, creating the market to accept bets is how the business thrives. Like every other economic venture, sports betting is ruled by supply and demand. It is not enough to put up lines and expect bettors to flock over to place their bets, you must create the right line, one that will create demand and motivate the players to risk their hard-earned money day in and day out.

Knowing When to Move and When to Hold

At ACE PER HEAD we know the value of a line, our expert odds makers are what you would call professional sports junkies full of passion and a knack for math, because, yes, you do need math and reliable sportsbook line software to run a successful sportsbook.

Setting odds is a simple yet complicated affair, you require a lot of research and knowledge of the sport, the teams involved in a game and most importantly the betting trends of each agent’s package, lastly, a good heap of feeling is warranted. Once the lines are set, the task is to maintain interest while at the same time protecting the interests of the agents as much as possible, this is where the sportsbook lines software comes into play.


What is the Ultimate Purpose of a Betting Line?

Great game odds are those that will create betting interest on both sides, contrary to most bettor’s beliefs, the game line is not necessarily the number of points by which the favorite will win a match, although there is a little of that too obviously. The game line in its early stages of creation, considers probabilities, injuries, home-field advantage, the time at which the game is being played, and even the rapport between the coach and the players. However, the line that goes public is adjusted to create interest on both sides, this way, the exposure is controlled and the profits are all but guaranteed.

When it comes to pay per head services, this last point is of considerable significance; in the case of, the sheer number of agents utilizing the service could easily create a conflict of interest, having just a few line types and betting profiles would not accommodate the needs of a large number of agents, and it is because of this that the right sportsbook line software is needed.

The Difference the Right Software Makes

Because has built its business around the premise that personalized service is the most important thing, they searched high and low for the right software platform that would enable them to do just that, treat each agent as if they were the most important client, offering an unprecedented array of line types and betting profiles that adhere to the individual needs.

I will not go into too many technical aspects of the software, meaning, I will not attempt to explain how the algorithms work (not sure I could accurately describe it, to begin with), but, I will say that the system is smart enough and flexible enough to be programed to move certain line types based on the movement of a master line, so while the line might move a half a point for some keeping the juice intact for other line types the move will involve a juice adjustment.

How much the line is moved depending on the line type is also automated, this means that one line manager could effectively manage hundreds of line types at once. This saves both time and money and minimized errors, which in turn means that can provide a superior service to its clients while maintaining costs relatively low, which means, you, the agent, get the best service for practically the same price that you would pay at inferior pay per head companies.

Knowing When to Move and When to Hold the Line

Sportsbook Odds Software

So, we have established that the purpose of a great game line is to create balance as far as betting goes, if the lines are not set correctly, you run the risk of having too much action on one side, and this could result in catastrophe. In sports betting, balance is the key to long-term success, having said that, there are times when a little risk can turn into a huge payday for agents, these however, must be calculated risks and not happy coincidences.

All of this boils down to, experience matters, knowing when to move the line and how much to move it, and most importantly knowing when to hold it and for how long, these are key factors to why our agents love to work with AcePerHead because we provide results, and results mean more profits.

It is common, to see other pay per head services moving their lines based on air, what do I mean by that? A lot of price-per-head shops hire junior line managers in order to save money on their payroll, so most of these guys lack the experience necessary to effectively manage game odds, and, most often than not, they move the lines solely based on the movements of other sportsbooks.

While this is not necessarily wrong, I’ll admit that following sharp post-up sportsbooks has its merits, the reality is, that by moving lines based solely on the action of other books, could cost agents hundreds if not thousands of dollars on each game.

So, in the words of Kenny Rodgers, you’ve got to know when to hold them! Holding the line a little longer can create great interest amongst bettors and when done right, it could generate a generous profit for the agents. And when the decision to move is made, it needs to be done in a quick and error-free manner, this can only be done with the help of the right sportsbook software, which automatically moves the lines across all line types and profiles.

Luckily, has the perfect combination of experienced line managers and line management software, that will increase the bottom line of all the agents currently working with us and those who join in the coming season.