Post Up Affiliates

Have some contacts you want to turn into cash? can help! Our extensive infrastructure and simple affiliate policy makes us the perfect partner to handle your referrals — send people our way, and we’ll send money your way every month!

Why Ace:

  • Payments are prompt, and can be delivered anywhere in the world.
  • You get full online access to player reports, so you can see exactly what you are owed.
  • Our program rules are very simple.

How does it work?

Simple. We will give you a special affiliate website, and an affiliate code. Have your players call us and mention your code, or else signup at your website URL. These players will be added to your sheet.

Every 30 days, we run a simple cashflow report on your sheet: the eligible profit is the total money deposited during that 30 days (minus fees we cover for the players), less the total money paid out during that same 30 days. Then we send you a percentage of the eligible profit as a commission payment, based on the following:

Title Commission on
Eligible Profit
Deposits Needed
to Qualify

15% Under $20,000 in deposits over the last 30 days.

20% Between $20,000 – $150,000 in deposits over the last 30 days.

25% Greater than $150,000 in deposits over the last 30 days.


Just send us players, and we handle everything else. Sit back and collect your monthly payments. For questions, or to discuss specialized arrangements, please give us a call:

(800) 909-5193

Pay Per Head Affiliates

We have extensive experience with pay per head affiliates, and offer the very best commissions. For more information, visit our sister site, or else call our main office at the number listed above.