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The Art of Booking NBA

Bookmaking is an art, anyone who says otherwise has never worked at a book. Sure, it’s an art form that requires a certain amount of math knowledge and great analytical skills, but, it’s an art none the less.

How the Right PPH Can Increase your Profits

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Being able to create lines based solely on stats and assumptions is not easy, and few master the skill, most agents will attest to this, as I am sure everyone out there has had a losing season because of erroneous odds.

When it comes to pay per head basketball lines, few are as gifted as the line managers from These guys never cease to amaze, the way they confidently post early lines and the subtle line movements during the day that entice players to bet the desired side are a thing of beauty.

For every agent, out there who is looking to maximize their profits during the NBA Regular Season and the Playoffs, there is no better ally than the expert bookmakers at, they not only understand how to run a sportsbook flawlessly, but, they also understand all the predicaments an agent faces, and this understanding coupled with the great value they place on their customers is what motivates them to post the best custom price per head basketball lines in the business.

No two agent packages are the same, the needs one may be in direct conflict with another, and being able to manage individualized lines for agents is not something most pay per head shops do, because it is daunting task to say the least. However, this is routine for the line managers of, who expertly manage hundreds of line types at a time, and were this done for just full game odds, one could easily dismiss this, but when you consider that they do this for NBA full game odds, first halves, quarter lines, alternative lines, props, and live betting for every single game, then you start to truly appreciate how hardworking these guys are.

Most pph basketball lines, especially those for NCAA can be weak, costing agents thousands of dollars per game. Competitor sites who do not take the time or simply can’t afford to hire experienced line managers are a liability to the entire business. Luckily, there is a cost-effective alternative, one that can make the difference for agents who need to increase their basketball profits.

Let’s be honest, the NBA Playoffs are the last real chance for agents to make some money before the mid-year lull arrives. Between late April and mid-July is when the NBA playoffs take place, with the incredible TV coverage of games and the loyal fans this is the perfect combination for bookies to take full advantage of the skills that Ace Per Head offers and increase their profits.

Sign up today and have your package set up and ready to go within 24, imagine, in 24 hours you could be on your way to increasing your NBA profits as well as strengthening your brand with the amazing lines and betting options that Ace Pay Per Head offers, not to mention your customer retention will improve significantly thanks to the incredible customer support staff employed by

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“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others MAKE it happen.” – Michael Jordan.

Are you ready to make it happen?

Basketball is an exciting sport, and betting on it just adds more adrenaline to the game. Stats can be found in different dedicated websites, of course, and it doesn’t hurt to stay alert on these; yet the best bets come from following the games week after week and following our live Lines and odds.

A lot of work goes into setting up the right NBA lines and odds by our expert line makers, and if you watch the games, read the news, stay up to date with basic stats and follow your gut instinct, chances are you’ll have a very successful NBA betting season. features point spreads and moneylines. Bet sides and totals for the game, half time or quarters, futures and props… you name it. Straight Bets, Parlays, Teasers, our easy to use software makes it simple to place different types of wagers, yet, if you have any questions on how to place your bets on NBA all you have to do is reach out to our customer service staff by phone, chat or email.

Take advantage of the best NBA live lines and odds in the market, make money and enjoy a great NBA Season.

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