An Unexpected Market Segment

March 24, 2017

Gender equality is no longer limited to the workplace, in recent years more women have joined the online gambling club, and the trend seems to be growing.

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Women Are Taking Over the Gambling Markets

In the last two years, the female gambling population has contributed immensely to the overall growth of gambling markets worldwide. While women have been known to gamble since the beginning of times, the market share has been predominantly male. However, the latest statistical reports show that in 2016 women accounted for 40% of the population in the US alone, the numbers are even larger for markets like the United Kingdom where they reached 49% of all gamblers.

This little-known fact, should be making your eyes pop with visions of loads of money pouring down from the sky. Just answer this question, what percentage of your player sheet is female? I’m going to venture a guess and say, nowhere near 40%.

Online bookie services like, offer the perfect solution for you venture out and capture this lucrative yet undermined segment of the population. Behavioral studies have shown that women like to gamble in private, on their personal electronic devises which offer them a sense of security, they feel more confident playing alone than surrounded by a group of men who will most likely attempt to intimidate them.

This means that the online multi-channel betting platform offered as part of the online bookie services of is the ideal place for women to venture out to gamble. The gambling portal is accessible online 24/7, and the range of products will offer something for everyone, sports events, live betting, horse racing and both a virtual and a live dealer casino.

Bookie ServiceAnother important piece of information, which will help you reach out and capitalize on this segment of the market, is that research has shown that women under 35 are more likely to engage in online gambling than those who are over 35 years of age. Now, this does not mean that you should absolutely exclude the over 35’s from your marketing strategy, it does however, mean that you should concentrate your efforts on what are commonly known as millennials.

In light of these facts, some European gambling companies have started incentivizing women to join their casinos, some have gone as far as creating casino brands exclusive for women players; should you go this route? In my opinion, no! Women don’t seem to respond well to separation, they somehow take it as another form of exclusion form the all-boys club. However, if you do decide to go this route, it would be extremely easy for you to do so, one of the free bookie software offered by Ace Per Head is the creation of branded websites for their clients, which means you could start a completely different brand, one which is focused more on young female gamblers.

As the market matures, the trend of female gamblers is poised to increase, making this the ideal moment for you to try and capitalize on this demographic, before the cat gets out of the bag and you lose your opportunity.