America’s pastime is in full swing – Where to get the best odds

April 29, 2016

MLB Baseball Betting

Baseball has been around in America since the 1830’s. It has been a part of our culture for so long it is a wonder it is not featured on any of our currency.

America’s pastime as it is known is a highly skilled strategic game, it may not seem like it because compared to other major sports it gives the appearance of a slow somewhat lethargic sport with only small spaced-out bursts of activity. However, to those of us who enjoy a game of strategy it is the ultimate game.

Betting on baseball presents a unique opportunity to make some serious money. Consider this, baseball has one of the longest regular seasons of any sport, there are games being played every day. A lot people are turned off by the slowness and length of the games so they decide they will not bet on baseball as a rule of thumb. I find this line of thought to be completely ridiculous, you don’t need to watch the games to bet on them. To win with baseball all you need to do is some statistical research. The game possesses some of the most comprehensive stats of all time, you get team stats and player stats, which will make winning as easy as getting your wife mad at you, and all of this info is public and available from a variety of places.

It is widely known that most bookies dread the oncoming of baseball season because it is so hard for them to make money during this time, so take advantage of this turn a profit this year, all you need to do is find the best baseball odds out there.

Now not all bookies are created equal, this is something I learned the hard way. I had to go about finding a great, reliable, and fair sportsbook the hard way. I do not wish that journey to anyone, so I will share with you which is my preferred bookie to spare you the hardships I went through. I will be honest and say that like most players I have several accounts, the reasons vary and include wager limits, offerings, customer service and others. But the one I use the most is my account at, this shop has proved throughout the years to be the most consistent in all aspects. I especially like their tight lines and their support staff, getting paid on time and with no hassle is also pretty big part of why I play there.

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