Consequences of Being a Bookie

May 12, 2018

For starters being a bookie means that you are someone that accepts bets on sporting events and if the person loses the bet then you make money, and if the person wins the bet then you are responsible for paying that person. Depending on where you live in the world will determine if this is something you are legally able to do or not. If it’s illegal in your area then you may be faced with a fine or some other type of possible legal penalty.

Consequences of Being a Bookie

But in this day and age being a bookie is just another way to start an entrepreneurial business where you can be your own boss and manage the business however you want, and the best way to do that is by using one of the many pay per head services that provide a website and platform for sports betting.

One of those such websites is and they offer this service for as little as $10 per active player a week. All this means is that you as the bookie pay a fee each week for the amount of players you have on the site that made a wager that week. Whatever the players lose, that money is collected by you and is yours to keep. But the same goes for when the players win, that is something you are responsible to pay to the players.

Obviously, Vegas was built on people gambling and losing, which means even though players are going to win sometime, over the long term all players will end up losing. So a pay per head site like Ace Per Head will provide the website, the lines, the betting options, and grading of all wagers, which means they do all the work for you. All you need to do as the bookie is to acquire new bettors that would like to make wagers on sports.

Also as long as you always conduct your business fairly with your players and make sure to always pay them when you win, you will never have any issues with your players. This is very important because bookies typically only get in trouble when they fail to follow normal business practices of not paying customers when money is owed to them. No players will ever take matters to a judicial power if they have any reason to, and not paying someone is the only reason for that.

So if you are interested in making a little extra income, and have a passion for sports then being a bookie could be the perfect opportunity for you. Watching a sporting event and having a little action on the game is the perfect way to be entertained and make some money while doing it.

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