How Does ACE Per Head Work?

July 30, 2021

How Does ACE Per Head Work?

Ace Per Head is a pay-per-head company that offers a service for bookies to utilize their sportsbook website platform so bookies can take action on sports and horse wagers from their customers. 

It is pretty simple and straightforward of how it works with Ace Per Head. They have over 100 different website skins that you as the bookie can choose from, that you will then be offering to your players.  The skins have different URL names and homepages, however, once the player or agent logins into their account all the backend’s will be the same format and any player and agent can use any site they prefer.

On the player website, Ace puts up hundreds of thousands of sportsbook betting options each day, and then updates all lines up to the second, and is 24/7. Once each game ends, Ace will grade all wagers based on the outcome of the game, and then all balances on both the player’s and agent’s accounts will automatically get updated and calculated. 

Ace also provides bookie agents with their own backend account, where each agent will have access to all of their players’ accounts, and be able to edit their players’ passwords, credit and wager limits, create new players as they grow, make receipts, and disbursements for player payments, view all pending wagers, and history of all graded wagers, give out free plays, view detailed player analysis on each player’s betting patterns and wins and losses with overall lifetime totals and then broken down by sports, periods, and time frames. 

There are many other features that agents have access to, and just to name a few others they will have the ability to move lines if they so choose, lookup IP addresses on each player’s wagers, set up text wagers alerts on specific players or bets over a certain dollar amount, an option to delete pending wagers, view player daily and weekly balances and various other information.

Ace does all the bookmaking aspects and has a customer service support department that is ranked number 1 in the industry that can be contacted 24/7 thru phone, text, live chat, and email. Not only are they always available but they have been in the business for over 25 years and have loads of experience where they can not only help you with simple requests but also analyze players, help give advice on how to grow and run your business in all different types of aspects. 

Ace is not only a service provider for bookies but a partner that can help guide you through all the ins and outs of booking action with players and help guide you in the right direction. The best part though is for everything they do, they only charge a small flat fee that is charged based on active players per week, which is just a player that has a wager that was graded as a win or a loss that week.  The price is typically around $10 per player a week, but can be even lower with more active players per week. Then whatever the bookie’s players win or lose, that is handled directly between the bookie and his players and the bookie keeps 100% of the profits.

In addition, AcePerHead offers numerous different initial signup bonuses for brand new bookies, such as up to 6 free weeks, 50% off for the first 5 weeks, discounts when paying with crypto, free customized website, and referral promos, where each agent can choose which promotions best fits their needs.

So if you are interested in booking action then let Ace start working for you.