Lessons in Gambling – Having Fun While Being Smart

May 18, 2016

Sportsbook Gambling

Hunter S. Thompson once said “There are many harsh lessons to be learned from the gambling experience, but the harshest one of all is the difference between having Fun and being Smart.”

In my experience there is no need to have one or the other, gambling is a form of entertainment and as such it should be fun, however for it to remain fun in the long term you have to be smart as well.

When you gamble on sports some things must be learned, one of these is to search for the best lines; true these days most of the sportsbooks have similar lines but some are more competitive and over time that means you either win more or you risk less which translates into your budget stretching farther.

Other times the lesson revolves around restraint, yes you really want to have action on that one game but you either can’t afford it or the risk is simply not worth it. When faced with such a case, the only thing you can do is show restraint. If you can’t find an affordable way to bet or a less risky proposition, simply sit that one out. I know it hurts, I’ve been there… many times.

Sports gambling is not necessarily a losing proposition as some will claim, I know plenty of people that have beat the odds time and again and overall are up more than they are down. What marks these people is they are not rash bettors, they take their time, they analyze the odds and take calculated risks. And yes I am sure some of them have a pact with the devil because their winning streaks are unbelievable, alas I am not one of these players, but I am a much better player than I was when I first started.

My advice for those taking their first steps gambling on sports is to find a book that is known for their fair play policies. If you have some experience with betting, you know or at least have heard of places taking advantage of the players, changing rules on the fly etc. The best experience I’ve ever had playing with an offshore sportsbook has been with AceSportsbook.com, their rules are clear and easy to understand and set in stone, in the event of a controversial outcome in a sporting match they will always look for the best resolution involving all parties. You may not win your bet but you will never feel cheated by them.

So in the end the dilemma of fun vs. smarts in sports wagering is not a dilemma at all; you just need to find that perfect balance where you enjoy the exhilaration of the uncertainty while knowing you will be ok regardless of the outcome.