NHL Playoffs 2016 – What to Look For

April 18, 2016

An Unusual NHL Playoff Season

For the first time since 1970, the NHL postseason features no Canadian teams, this is one for the records folks, an all American playoff season in hockey.

Some of the media outlets seem disenchanted with the lack of Canadian teams because they fear their audience will decrease significantly, however, this will be a great opportunity to elevate the game standards in America and for the avid gamblers, this season offers many opportunities to bet on hockey and win big!

The obvious front runner in this postseason is the Washington Capitals who had an impressive 56 wins during the regular season, but we all know that this means little in the playoffs. Underdogs come out of nowhere and steal the momentum of the favorites and no one is safe.

Several factors will influence the ultimate outcome and who will take the Stanley Cup home remains to be seen.

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Some Advice for the NHL Bettors Out There:

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If you enjoy wagering on totals it’s worth noting that the best goalies in the league right now are Brian Elliot of the St. Louis Blues, this man can carry the entire team if he has to, Steve Mason of the Philadelphia Flyers and Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers round out the top 3. So you can expect very defensive games when these three are playing.

If you were to base your hockey wagers on team experience then you will favor franchises like the Chicago Blackhawks current defending champions, the New York Rangers and the LA Kings. Teams like the Dallas Stars will be interesting to watch because even though they had a pretty good regular season with 50 wins, their players lack the championship experience and there is a high possibility they will buckle under the pressure.

Personally, I do not favor any LA teams wish I could give you a rational explanation for this but I have none, I simply have never been a fan of LA, however this year I think the LA Kings will prove to be an interesting team to watch, despite them being down 2-0 to the San Jose Sharks, percentage-wise they have had decent puck possession time during the regular season and I feel they are far from done, my prediction is they will make a comeback in this series.

To sum it up, the fact that we will not have our annual rivalry with our neighbors to the North over hockey this year does not mean this NHL postseason won’t be exhilarating, the game itself is pure adrenaline and if you couple that will the excitement of betting on hockey games and having a chance to win some serious money then you simply can’t go wrong eh! Hockey betting info at Ace Sportsbook Software.

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