Pay Per Head Costa Rica

September 23, 2021

Pay Per Head Costa Rica

Vegas is generally known as the most popular location to go visit and gamble in the world, but Vegas doesn’t have the exclusive rights to gambling.

There are casinos all over the world that people can go and gamble in, and there are various online sportsbooks that people can deposit money into and make bets on sports. In addition, the mecca for pay per head services that cater to local bookies is in a little country called Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country located in Central America that is situated between Panama and Nicaragua. The laws make it legal for these pay per head companies to operate and provide a service that offers online gambling to various bookies from around the world, so they can provide a betting site for their players to gamble on.

These services manage all the lines and update all the odds up to the second, and post hundreds of thousands of betting options for players to bet on each day. They handle all the bookmaking aspects and then grade all wagers after each game ends, and then all balances are automatically updated into each player and agents’ account immediately. 

These services also provide customer support 24/7, often with Costa Ricans that are 100% fluent in English, and some of the higher-end PPH services, even have Americans working, which makes it even easier to communicate with and complete any type of requests you may have in regards to your agent account, and players. 

Being in Costa Rica, also allows these companies to have lower costs in running a business which all leads to these services being offered for an extremely affordable price to fellow bookies. The average cost to a bookie is based on how many active players per week are using the website, which is around $10 per player a week.  This is why the industry is called pay per head because the cost structure is simply based on how many players make a wager for that week.  A player can bet one time or a thousand times that week, and the price is still the same fixed cost of $10 for that player.

Considering that the world of gambling generates billions of dollars a year in revenue, and players lose hundreds to thousands of dollars each week from gambling, you can see how lucrative this business is for local bookies who have friends, family, coworkers, schoolmates and other types of acquaintances gamble with them, and then only have to pay a very small $10 fee each week for each player.

The average Joe, generally can’t afford to invest millions of dollars in running and building a Casino or other type of gambling platform to offer customers, however with the assistance of these pay per head businesses in Costa Rica they can now compete with any of the major players in the gambling world by offering their players a professional style sportsbook website.

This levels the playing field for the little guys and gives them a chance to offer a sportsbook service to people they know and a chance to get a piece of the extremely lucrative gambling market. So if you want to book action on sports, get set up with one of the top-rated pay-per-head companies in Costa Rica.