Sportsbook Platform Solutions

June 11, 2021

Sportsbook Platform

The most efficient and cost-effective way to run your own sportsbook platform is to use a pay per head solution.  These companies specialize in providing bookies or agents a sportsbook platform so you can take action on various sports from all of your players. Pay Per Head Bookie.

A pay per head solution will offer a professional-style sportsbook site where they will manage all the lines up to the second and offer hundreds of thousands of betting options each day for players to bet on. Once each game or event concludes they will grade all wagers and then all balances into each player and agent account will automatically get updated so both parties know how much was won or lost, and what the current balance is for each account. Pay Per Head Casino Services Can Be a Viable Option For Gambling Enthusiasts.

This type of sportsbook betting platform solution is great for any type of bookie, whether they are just starting out for the first time, or if you are already an established bookie that has been taking action on sports for many years. The service does all the bookmaking for the agent, and the best services are open and available 24/7 which means they are always watching over the lines and can assist an agent with any type of request they may have, such as changing limits for specific players, answering questions on how specific types of wagers are graded, analyzing specific players betting patterns, and another type of advice that could help you grow your book or deal with certain player requests that you may receive. The Bookmaker Salary.

In addition, these services are cost-effective because they only charge you based on how many active players you have using the site each week. An active player is just a player that made a wager that won or lost during the week, so if they don’t bet that week or just bet a future wager that is not graded that week, you will not get charged for that player. The cost per player can vary but a standard price in the industry is $10 per player a week. Then whatever is won or lost by the players, you as the bookie will handle directly with your players off the site and keep 100% of those profits.

Gamblers all lose over the long term and based on how frequently they bet and how much they bet per wager, will increase the odds of how much each player will lose each week. The one thing that is certain is that players will lose on average a lot more than the small flat fee of $10 a week that it would cost to have that player betting on the site.

One of the best sports betting platform solutions in the current market is Ace Per Head and they have some of the sharpest lines in the industry, more betting options than the average website, a 24/7 service with also an option for agents to text them with any request or question, a state of the art mobile betting platform, and numerous servers around the world to ensure that the site doesn’t have any downtime and is always secure. 

So if you want to get set up with your very own sportsbook platform for your bettors give a call now at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up immediately so you can start making money from their service.