Capitalize on the Unexpected – 2017 Australian Open

January 26, 2017

Australian Open 2017 Odds

This year has been full of surprises so far, veteran players who were not expected to perform that well have made a splash in Melbourne this week.

Venus Williams will once again face her baby sister Serena Williams in the Women’s Cup Final and Roger Federer just won his pass to his 6th Australian Open Championship after defeating fellow countrymen Stan Wawrinka.

If you are an independent bookie you must be celebrating right about now, as not too many people figured that neither Novak Djokovic not the current number one player in the world Andy Murray would reach the finals.

Nadal still has to play his semi-final match against Grigor Dimitrov which should take place in the next few hours. If Dimitrov wins he will attempt to get his first Grand Slam title, if Nadal wins then it will be another classic Rafa vs. Federer, either way, you have a chance to capitalize on this.

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