Tips to Beat Your Bookie

May 16, 2018

Beating the bookie is not impossible, the stories you hear often about people making a good extra income off betting and even living off gambling are not a fantasy, but, don’t fool yourself, it is not simple either.

Ways to Beat your Bookie

The vast majority of gamblers are occasional players that take to betting simply as a hobby or a form of entertainment, with the only objective of making a game more exciting, winning a few bucks while betting on a favorite team, or joining friends on some harmless fun. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as players keep the gambling activity as a healthy form of entertainment, sometimes they’ll win, sometimes, they’ll lose.

Become a betting expert:

If you want to take things up a notch, and really aim to make a little side money there is nothing wrong with this either, but you have to do your homework and know that this is not just a ‘game’ it requires time and  dedication; here we offer you some tips to beat your bookie


Learn all you can about betting, how your bookie establishes the odds for a game, why and when the odds are moved, the different options of bets and how to take advantage of them, etc.  Understanding your sports is also very important; there are specific tips on how to beat your bookie that for every sport, but start with the sport you enjoy and understand best; you’ll have to really pay attention to all the games, analysis, stats, etc.

Consistency and Patience:

Like with everything else in life becoming an expert bettor requires consistency and patience, don’t expect to win everything from the start, but remain consistent, keep track of your bets and maintain a clear head.

Choose the right bookie:

Bookies today have evolved considerably, today the majority are established through a pay per head service the allows them to offer the latest technology, safety, confidentiality and a wide variety of betting alternatives., for instance, is one of the preferred pay-per-head services existent in today’s market. Going with a reliable service will make things simpler and offer you a good betting experience. Having access to accurate and detailed reports, good lines, customer support and being able to place your bets anytime from anywhere is a must.  Live betting is also a great option to have.

Identify good bets:

With time you’ll learn to identify good prices and easy bets that can easily make you some money. Don’t limit yourself to the big games, those are usually harder to win, check out the entire betting board and you’ll be sure to find options that

Establish a budget:

Responsible gaming is possible, establish a budget,  this is especially important at the beginning when you don’t have the experience you need yet. Make sure not to exceed your budget. If you are doing things right you can reinvest your winnings. Don’t get greedy and if you are going through a losing streak just take a break or limit your bets.

Remember to choose your bookie right or a free bookie software, when in doubt choose one that uses Ace Per Head since this will guarantee you are getting the best options in the market.

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