NBA Second Round Coming Up

May 8, 2016

NBA Playoffs Odds

Basketball is a traditional sport, one that not only brings up rivalries and excitement but also one that attracts bettors all over the world. Right now the NBA playoffs are underway and this means a lot of exciting games. This is a great week to bet on NBA, the schedule shows: Atlanta Hawks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder vs. San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat vs. Toronto Raptors and Portland Trailblazers vs. Golden State Warriors.

Cleveland, San Antonio, Toronto and Golden State are currently favorites; the Toronto Raptors did a great job beating the Pacers this past Sunday and will now have to face the Miami Heat in a close game that is generating high expectations.

The Cavaliers are having a good moment right now and Hawks will have to be very careful and keep their defense tight against #LebronJames and #KyrieIrving.  When it comes to Oklahoma and Spurs game, betting on San Antonio certainly seems like the right call, Oklahoma has a lot to prove against a team that just in general is better than theirs. Trailblazers vs. Warriors is probably the most competitive match up, even though Warriors are certainly missing #StephenCurry,  who is currently out because of an injury, they have managed to stay strong and have been playing well and showing good results, they beat Portland in their first game and will likely pull it off again.

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