Best Sports to Make Money as a Bookmaker

May 22, 2023

If you want to be involved in the gambling business, the best way to make money is by being a bookmaker and accepting action on various sports from people you know. Using a pay per head bookie service will allow you to offer a professional-style sportsbook site, where they will do all the work for you.

The provider will post thousands of betting options each day for your players to choose from and update all lines up to the second. Then after each game ends, they will grade all wagers and all balances will immediately get updated into each account.

These services offer all different sports from all over the world for your players to bet on.  However, there are some sports that make more money for the bookmaker than other sports.

The Two Most Profitable Sports

Football and Basketball are the two most profitable sports for bookmakers not only because they are the most popular sports to bet on and get the most volume of bets on them, but because the most common way to bet on those sports is on the point spread.  The point spread is the line that the favorite of the game needs to cover or win by for them to be a winning bet for a player that chooses that line.

For example, if the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Buffalo Bills and the spread is -6.5, this means the Chiefs need to win the game by 7 points or more for someone to win that wager on the Chiefs -6.5.  If the Chiefs win but win by 6 points or less then the bet would be a loser.  This completely levels the playing field because even if the favored team or the better team wins, if they don’t cover the spread then the bettor still losses his wager.

Kansas City could be the best team in football and go 17-0 but they could also go 0-17 against the spread if they were a favorite in each game but didn’t cover. This makes betting on Football and Basketball harder to win as a bettor than Baseball, Hockey, and Soccer which are more popular to bet on the money line.  The money line is a bet where you just bet on that team to win the game outright with no spread.

So, if the New York Yankees are the best team in baseball and win over 100 games, then you would also win any game you bet on the Yankees that they won.  Sure, on the money line, you have to risk more money, but the odds are higher that the better team will win.

Overall players lose on any sport they bet on; however, they do end up losing more money on sports like Pro and College Football and Basketball. So, maximize these sports seasons’ by using a pay per head services that has the sharpest lines to earn even more money as a bookmaker.