Choosing the Best Betting Platform

March 20, 2017

When it comes to betting software for bookies I’ve seen it all, from the early days of pre-internet when all we had was a blue screen that would inevitably crash every Saturday and Sunday during football season to DGS, the most widely used software today; I even help design a proprietary software for a company I used to work for, sadly this interface never saw the light of day due to a lack of funding.

Bookies Betting Software

Differentiating Between Good and Great

There are countless betting software’s for bookies used in Europe that are frankly, quite good, however, the Europeans have a complete different business model, one that unfortunately does not work well with the way sportsbooks are managed on this side of the pond, especially considering the booming market of independent bookmakers.

Out the several betting platforms commonly used, there is no doubt that DGS is the one that better fits the pay per head business. The main reason this is so, is because it allows for the creation of seemly infinite line settings that accommodate a wide range of agent needs. Add to this the fact it has a sturdy code infrastructure, that makes it more secure and reliable than the competitors. This are some of the reasons why, the leading pay per head service provider decided to use DGS as their betting platform.

Another great feature of DGS is its usability, players have no problem navigating through the betting platform because it is self-explanatory, the platform is stable and its mobile compatibility is second to none.

The agent backend, is probably the reason this software is so popular among pay per head companies, the reporting is one of the best I’ve seen, it provides accurate up to the minute information on many fronts. Want to know how much you stand to win or lose on a game? There is a report for that. Want to know what one of your players is betting on, you can run a report for that as well. You want historical data, you can also get it within seconds. End of week report, no problem the system will run the query and have the results in an easy to read format so you don’t have to spend hours doing accounting.

The right free bookie software can make or break a bookie, but even the most advance tech would be of little use, if it is not backed a solid service provider, and that is what makes Ace Per Head stand head and shoulders above the competition. Granted the reliability and flexibility of the software they use, is what allows them to provide many of the great services, but the is the people behind the scenes that make it all work.

From top of line account representatives that will take care of your business as if it were their own, to the best line managers in the business. They have meticulously selected each one of their employees and their corporate culture is a perfect mixture of empowering their employees and putting their customers first.

So, while a lot of places may use the same betting software, it is the added value services that mark the difference between the good and the great.