Going Mobile – A Look Into the Future of Gambling

May 28, 2016

Mobile Sportsbook

As technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, the way we do business and interact with service providers is also evolving as are the needs of consumers. The gambling industry is not an exception to this trend and that is why we see more and more sportsbooks implementing and updating their mobile betting platforms.

The industry leaders have recognized that the way of the future is to become mobile sportsbooks, the statistics show that 68% of Americans own a smartphone and 45% have tablet computers. When looking at specific demographics we see that 86% of people between the ages of 18-29 own a smartphone and 83% of people aged 30-49 are also smartphone users. These two age groups are the core business of the online gambling industry.

A mobile sportsbook that is at the fore front of innovation is AceSportsbook.com. They continually improve their interface and add more and more features that were once only available through the call center or the main site.

When a company not only pays attention to the technological trends but also studies the needs of its users and finds creative and effective ways to incorporate them to their service platform, you know you are dealing with a customer centered business. One that will provide solutions to its client’s needs instead of creating obstacles for them.

Some of the advantages of mobile betting are the fact that you can bet easily from anywhere you may be. Before if you were at the office your only option to place a wager was to call in your wagers, as most employers do not allow their staff to utilize company resources to make bets, now with the mobile betting application you can check the lines, place a bet or review your pending wagers at any time without compromising your job.

Another advantage is security, AceSportsbook.com has some of the most complex security systems protecting their interfaces which means you can make deposits and place your bets in real time without fear of hackers stealing your information.

One thing to keep in mind when searching for a mobile sportsbook is compatibility, not all software’s support every devise on the market, some only work with Android platforms, other have limited features depending on the OS you are utilizing. As a general rule, sportsbooks that do not offer full compatibility are those you should stay away from. The lack of technical innovation can signify financial instability or simply that you are dealing with a company that does not hold its customer base as the most important aspect of their business strategy and in the worst case scenario a company that lacks both.