What to Consider when Betting the Belmont Stakes

June 10, 2016

Belmont Stakes 2016

When we are betting on sports we usually consider the teams’/players’ stats, whether the game is taking place at home or away, or in clay, grass or hard surface (in the case of tennis), the weather conditions depending on the sport, will also play an important role, even the emotional aspect is key information that an educator gambler will take into account before placing a bet.  Is it any different when it comes to betting on horses?

Helpful tips to bet on the Belmont Stakes:

For those involved in the sport of kings knowing what to look into before putting your hard earned money on a horse is probably a piece of cake, very easy, very logical. But for those that just enjoy betting on the big races like the Belmont Stakes this weekend it may be difficult to pick the horse to bet on, and information found around the internet tends to be vague and sometimes even confusing.

So, AceSportsbook.com has decided to give you information on some basic aspects you have to consider before betting on the Belmont Stakes this Saturday, or any other horserace for that matter.

  • The track: Just like with sports, the track where the race will take place has a lot to do with the performance of the horses. Some horses have a great performance in main track while others are turf horses; the same is true when it comes to the track condition, a dry or wet track will influence the results.  The Belmont is referred to as “The Big Sandy”, if the name didn’t give it away, we’ll spell it out, there is plenty of sand in the soil and it’s a tough racing surface.  The length of the track is also an aspect to consider, Belmont is 1 ½ miles, a quarter mile longer than the Derby, and that can play a big role on horses participating for the first time.
  • Workouts:  Yes, stats are there, past races information is available, but many things could have changed from one race to the next… so go online and find the workouts for the Belmont Stakes.
  • Pedigree: In a lengthy track like the Belmont, going with horses whose sires and dams have won before or done well in this race is a good option, you are betting on natural stamina.
  • Jockey: The jockey plays a key role of course, his experience and the tactic he uses can determine a result (specially a bad one), however, no matter how good the Jockey is if the horse doesn’t have what it takes there is little that can be done. So don’t bet on just the jockey or just the horse, you have to find the perfect and balanced winning combination. Also, a recent change of jockey or trainer is not to be taken lightly, check their records.

Perhaps for many the Belmont Stakes lost a lot of interest because the Triple Crown isn’t on the line, and the Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist won’t be participating because of a high white blood cell count; however, when it comes to horse betting many see this as positive, as it’s a good betting opportunity. Thirteen horses to pick from, handicappers are listing Destin, Brody’s Cause, Trojan Nation, Exaggerator, Governor Malibu and Cherry Wine among their favorites. I personally like Stradivari, Governor Malibu and Destin.

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