How to Choose the Best Sport Betting Platform?

February 9, 2022

How to Choose the Best Sport Betting Platform?

The world’s sports betting market will reach $140.26B by 2028. An increase in sports events is a key reason for the high sport betting platform demand

Finding the perfect sport betting platform is as important as some of the bets you will choose to make. You have to know what to look for when choosing sports betting platforms.

Good platforms for sport betting will aid your betting process. You will also not risk losing your money to fraudsters.

Do you know how to choose a sports betting platform? Here are helpful tips for finding a sports betting platform.

Deciding What You’re Looking For

First, you should have a broad idea of what you hope to get out of your sports betting experience. Maybe you want to bet on one or two events occasionally. You might also want to be a full-time bettor making sports betting an income source.

Finding a betting platform becomes easy by having an idea of what you want to accomplish with sports betting platforms. It’s alright if you are skeptical about what you are looking for in a sportsbook.

The next section will talk about the criteria we know are important for the best sportsbook. Our list will help to inspire your thoughts on what to look for in a betting platform.

Making a Deal-Breakers’ List

After having an idea of what you want, specify deal-breakers. They are the things you must have or can’t stand to have.

For instance, betting on all single division college football is vital to you. That is a deal-breaker. The sports betting platform you choose must be offering you action on all college games.

Or, you may want to use Neteller or PayPal to fund your account and get your money out after winning. If that’s the case, you want a sportsbook that offers these payment options.

If you are not that picky, do not force things here. But, since there are many high-quality betting websites, do not settle for anything less than the perfect site.

Reading Reviews and Testing Each Site Out

After understanding what you desire, make a decision. But, ensure none of the decisions you make will violate your deal-breakers.

After making a list of potential candidates, read the customer reviews on the sites. Test each site out after narrowing down your list according to the positive reviews.

Note that we do not mean your deposit and make any bets. If any of the sites is bad, you might end up depositing your money without a way of getting it out.

But, most pay per head sportsbook sites will allow you to look around every section. You can do just about everything apart from placing bets without an account.

Have a feel of the platform’s interface. Know how challenging it is to place a bet on the sites and the sports and types of bets they offer. Is the betting website smooth, and will you be comfortable spending time there?

Mobile Betting Options

The betting platform should offer you convenience when placing bets. You should be able to place bets from anywhere in the world as long as you have a phone, laptop, or a smart device and an internet connection.

All online sports betting platforms have a desktop version. But, not all betting platforms have a mobile betting option.

To be clear, we do not mean a standalone app that you download. No, we’re talking about a mobile-friendly website that adapts to any device you are using.

The best sport betting platform sets up its site to work on a tablet, mobile phone, or computer. You do not have to download anything.

The platform recognizes your device and changes automatically to the best version on your device. Though this should be an industry standard for all sportsbooks, some platforms are still behind the times.

Live Betting Options

One fast-paced and fun way to place a bet is by live betting – thanks to technology. Also known as in-game betting, you place wagers during a match.

You may have options in every play or periodically during the game. Also, the odds will change fast, so you need to be quick and sharp to ride on value when you spot it.

We discourage beginners from this type of play, but if you have experience in betting, this may be something great for you. The betting strategy creates opportunities for you to place bets and capitalize on what you see within the game.

Also, live betting forces sportsbooks to make decisions fast. The lines are not always perfect, which creates fantastic value opportunities.

Bonuses, Rewards, and VIP Programs

Bonuses, rewards, and VIP programs come with a big disclaimer. Never sacrifice a good sportsbook with a mediocre one with some amazing promotions.

Yes, perks, cashback, and free stuff are awesome. But, that stuff will come at the expense of your profits when betting with a subpar sportsbook. Only look at these things when financially deciding between two awesome betting platforms.

Now that you know the disclaimer, what will you look for here? First, the promotions need to be lucrative. For instance, if they give away some stuffed animals, free jerseys, or t-shirts, that platform should not interest you.

Good promotions should give away free bets or free cash. Also, the sportsbook must have an attainable promotion. For instance, if you have to bet $200 million to receive a $100 free bet, that’s not attainable.

It’s true, we have to put in work to receive certain freebies, but the goal must be feasible to attain. The promotion must also be easy and clear to understand.

Sportsbooks have rules and limitations for each promotion. But, it shouldn’t be confusing that we do not even want to participate.


Security is key when selecting a sport betting platform. Will your money be well protected? Is the platform using site encryption? Also, are the site’s banking practices up to the industry standards?

Betting platforms must update the site constantly to help spot any threats or vulnerabilities. They should also have a team in charge of the site’s security.

Here you need to look for three things. One, is the platform’s technology and software able to keep your money safe? Two, how are their practices and procedures keeping you safe? And finally, is the platform taking security seriously?

There should be no wiggle room with security. When you spot an issue with the security of a betting platform, avoid the site by all means.

Checking Blacklisted Sites

When a sports betting platform has been naughty, they will never tell you about it because it will be bad for business. So, rely on outside sources to know about this information.

Go to Google and search a site’s name and add the word “blacklist” at the end. You will see if something will come up.

Always be cautious of the source you are using. That’s because some sites engage in negative marketing strategies slandering their opponents.

User Experience

Usability is important when selecting a sports betting platform. Note that a platform may have all the bells and whistles required. But, it does not pay attention to a complete user journey; the site heads towards failure from the outset.

As a bettor, you need to find what you want in a matter of seconds. That’s so especially when live betting, where every second counts since you will be trying to get an edge and make sure the bet is a winner.

The best sport betting platforms will focus on making your journey – from signing up to betting, as smooth as possible. Always test a site yourself to feel how easy it will be to navigate it.

Management Teams

Always avoid platforms with questionable management teams. When reviewing a betting platform, look at the whole management team and the company behind the scenes.

Look at any shady characters with a bad reputation that the platform was in business with in the past. You will discover that such shady characters exit the company and start their sportsbook or join another one from time to time.

Though we know people can change, do not take such risks in this industry. Reputable companies run many awesome options.

Choose the Best Sport Betting Platform

It is time to find the betting platforms that are right for you. With this guide, you won’t have any problem choosing a site.

Some platforms will have more to offer than others. But, choose the sport betting platform that meets most of your requirements and provides a good service.

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