Political Betting News: Who Will Be the Democratic VP Nominee

May 29, 2020

In an unprecedented move, Joe Biden recently announced that he wanted Amy Klobuchar vetted as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Ok, so this doesn’t mean that he has chosen her as his running-mate, yet. No presidential candidate in modern history has announced their running mate before the middle of July – I can’t remember the exact date, but I remember reading that in a political journal.

Is Amy Klobuchar the Most Likely Candidate?

The best sportsbooks now taking bets on who’ll end up being the democratic VP running mate. 

According to the experts at SportsbookReview, Amy Klobuchar is +425 to be chosen as the Vice-Presidential Nominee.

And if I am to be completely honest, in my opinion, going with Amy Klobuchar would be a mistake that very well could cost Joe Biden the presidency. Amy Klobuchar is a Minnesota Senator, it’s likely that she would guarantee a win in Minnesota. But that’s a win that’s worth 10 points. Klobuchar around the country could be seen as just another old ‘white elite’ added to the ticket of another ‘old, white elite,’ Democratic or not. 

That said, she is a member of the Farmer-Labor Party, so she could assist in gaining some of the centrist Republicans that are no longer fully stoked on Donald Trump and Mike Pence. But, the issue is that Biden really needs a massive turnout from the black community to win this election. He already has a bit of a contentious relationship with black voters, and picking Klobuchar could be damage that relationship further.

So, is it smoke and mirrors? Is he trying to make Trump think that he’s going to make a politically fatal mistake?

Kamala Harris is currently +150 on the betting odds boards at sites like 5Dimes and Bodog. So, they are clearly thinking that Biden will change his mind. But he shouldn’t wait too long. Black activists have already come out and warned Biden not to choose Klobuchar. So, if he waits too long, it will look like the only reason he went with someone like Kamala Harris was to appease the black community, and that he didn’t really want to have her as his running mate.

But here’s the rub, he would be stupid not to immediately go after Harris.

She would literally assure a California win; that’s 29 points vs. 10. She would also act as a polarizing factor for the African American community. On top of that, she is better educated and more qualified having not only served as a United States Senator but as the 32nd Attorney General of the State of California. Plus she’s younger, both in actual age and appearance. At 55, even after the four-year term is up, she still won’t have hit 60. Klobuchar is already on the cusp at the age of 59.

Now, Biden might be thinking that Minnesota is a swing state for him and he’ll win California no matter what as it is a blue state. Well, that might be true … but he’ll likely lose a lot more swing states, just like Hillary did because the minority voters won’t feel compelled to come out and vote for the same old, same old.

So, even though he publicly announced that he would like to vet Amy Klobuchar, the odds still favor Kamala Harris. Behind Klobuchar are Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, Stacy Abrams, and Gretchen Whitmer. Notice, every single possibility is female. So, it really just comes down to Joe Biden. Will he make a dreadful mistake, or will he make the smart play and ask Harris to be his Veep?