A Seasoned Blackjack Player’s Guide to Avoiding Everyday Mistakes

May 9, 2022

A Seasoned Blackjack Player’s Guide to Avoiding Everyday Mistakes

Blackjack is a widely popular fun casino game enjoyed by punters worldwide. If you’re a fan, you can play the game in most land-based and virtual casinos. Contrary to popular belief, blackjack is a game of skill and requires a decent combination of practice, patience, competence, and strategy to beat.

If you know how to employ the correct strategies, you can lower the house edge to give yourself a better chance to win. But hunches, intuitions, and gut feelings won’t get you anywhere when it comes to blackjack. Every time you make a mistake, the house edge can go up, which costs you more money in the long run. Approaching the game strategically is the only way to emerge a winner.

We’ve outlined some of the most common mistakes even seasoned players make at the blackjack tables. Keep reading to enjoy a hassle-free and pleasant experience when you join the table to win some cash.

Mistake #1- Playing by the Gut

Have you ever made a bet in blackjack based on your gut instinct? You might feel like the dealer will go bust, or the following card would be a low one. Deciding based on your feeling is an appalling way to play blackjack. The game is 100% based on math. Players know the number of cards in a deck as well as the fact that there are four cards in every deck of each rank. Shuffling a deck of cards or eight or six card decks means the top card has the same chance to be an ace as a two or any other rank. Instead of playing at the blackjack table based on your gut feeling, use a mathematically proven system to enjoy the best possible play every time.

Mistake #2- Deviating from Perfect Strategy

Each blackjack hand has a way to play it. This is known as a basic or perfect strategy. It’s figured out by computer programs that view the odds of each card that could be dealt with, along with how much you lose or win on average, by making every available decision. Perfect strategy cards are easily available on the internet for any set of rules which punters can use at any table without worrying about making mistakes. However, players often use a specifically designed strategy chart or cards designed for the combination of rules set at the table for lowering the house edge. Use them until you have memorized all the plays because making a play without the perfect strategy could mean you’ll end up costing yourself money.

Mistake #3- Not Counting Cards

Many blackjack players don’t know that counting cards could give them an edge, while others think it’s too tough to count them. The fact remains that learning how to count cards makes it easier to eliminate the house edge or push the overall edge in your favor. A player doesn’t have to be like Rain Man and memorize all the cards they see. Players need to learn to track a single number that goes up and down based on the low and high cards they see. This number helps quickly determine the ratio of low and high cards remaining in the deck or shoe.

Blackjack is a fairly simple game that offers a low house edge. However, not finding tables with good rules or not using the perfect strategy can make it harder to win. If understanding blackjack better after reading the mistakes you should avoid makes you want to start a career as a bookie, you’re in the right place! Our experts can develop robust strategies to help your online casino, racebook, or sportsbook reach new heights.

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