NFL Betting Software

August 22, 2021

NFL Betting Software

The NFL season is quickly approaching and not only has it become the most popular sport in America, but it is by far the most bet on sport in North America. As a result, if you are someone that is looking to find ways to earn money from the popularity of people betting on NFL games, then look no further than the pay per head industry, which can provide you with their NFL betting software so you can take bets from people you know that gamble on the NFL.

A pay-per-head company is one that provides betting software for bookies to offer their players in the form of a sportsbook website. These services post thousands of sports betting options each day and during the NFL season they have various betting options on each game such as spread, total, money line, halves, live, player props, game props, quarters, team totals for game and half, and other exotic bets that players can choose from.

The pay per head provider will not only post all of these betting options, but they will manage everything such as updating all the odds constantly and up to the second, and then grading each bet as soon as each game concludes.  Then all balances are immediately and automatically updated into both the players’ and agents’ accounts to give an accurate amount of what each player is currently up or down in their account.


Their service and software website does everything for a bookie. In addition, each bookie will have their own account where they can log into the agent backend and have numerous options such as changing limits on players, viewing all history of wagers, and balances, various analytical reports to view each players’ betting patterns, and how successful they are doing on specific types of wagers, an option for wager alerts to be texted or emailed when specified players or amounts are bet, an ability to move lines on games, and other useful tools.

One of the best NFL betting software providers in the market is, and not only do they have more overall betting options than the average book, but they also have the sharpest lines in the industry. The difference between a point and a half a point in a game is very often the difference between an agent winning or losing a wager, so sharp and fast-moving lines are the key to maximizing one’s profits when booking action.  This means that bookies on Ace earn more money compared to using other providers, because of how aggressively and actively they manage the lines.

PPH Small Fee

In addition, Ace offers this complete ready-to-use product for just a small flat fee. They don’t take any type of commissions from a bookie’s profits, but instead just charge a small $10 per active player per week fee. This small fee is often not even the juice that a player pays for an individual wager, and there is no limit to how many wagers the player can make because the cost will always be the same flat fee of $10 per week.

As a result, there is no limit to how much money you can earn as a bookie each week, and players can easily lose hundreds to thousands of dollars each week from betting. So give a call today at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up today on one of the best NFL betting software platforms in the industry.