Optimal Flexibility

July 5, 2017

In today’s business environment, flexibility is key, it is not a question of expectations, these days clients demand it.

Unfortunately, a lot pay per head services have been slow in providing added flexibility to their offering, not so with www.AcePerHead.com, their online gambling software offers complete flexibility and customization across all channels and products.

Online Gambling Software

The Solution You Need

Their versatile platform has been created with the latest frameworks, allowing it to integrate additional services, features, and tools on an agent by agent basis. And, if your current provider has a feature or tool they do not currently have, you can request they build the tool for you. They have full and part time developers working on their online gambling software year-round, so if you can explain what it is you need, chances are, they can build it for you.

The platform allows agents to manage every aspect of their business in real time, from any device, anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking to manage your game odds, players, or run necessary reports, you can do so from the convenience of their state of the art back office.

Why Should You Sign Up with Ace Per Head?

Because they have been an industry leader for over 19 years, and they continue to add value to their services every year.

More importantly their service includes:

  • Fully Managed Sportsbook Solution: They provide line management, risk management and technical support 24/7.
  • Website Design, Hosting, and Maintenance: If you have your own brand or wish to build one, the graphic design team at Ace Per Head can create a beautiful, and functional website following your specifications in a few days. Their white label gaming solution is perfect for those agents who want to standout.
  • Best Industry Profit Margins: This is what it is ultimately all about, profits. Gambling is volatile industry, being able to generate consistent profits for clients is not only rare it is nearly impossible, and yet Ace Per Head has managed to do it year after year.
  • Ever increasing live betting offering: The latest craze in sports betting is live betting or in-game betting. Because of its increased popularity, AcePerHead.com strives to expand its offering every chance it gets, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors and your players an enhanced betting experience.
  • Two Casino Platforms: Casino games offer some of the highest yields in all of gambling, so Ace decided to give agents not one but two casino platforms to choose from, the virtual casino and the live dealer casino both offer a unique experience to the player, entertaining them for hours on end.

The innovative agent dashboard available through the back office, offers the most complete reporting features of any free bookie software. This was designed with your ease of use and convenience, the reports offered will cut your administrative worktime in half or more per week. Giving you more time to focus on the most important aspects of growing your business.

Don’t settle for a one size fits all service, switch to the most flexible and innovative pay per head service in the industry; contact one of the account managers at www.AcePerHead.com today and experience the difference.